Dr. Gray Sass

Family Eye Care

Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the…

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Payroll Administration

HR1 does more than just Issue Payroll Checks.

• Pay Federal and State Taxes
• File Payroll Tax Reports
• Detailed & Customized Client Payroll Reports
• Archive Employee Records
• Reduce Hours and Resources Needed for Payroll Activities
• Online Payroll Software
• E-Varify Compliance
• Issue W2’s
• Direct Deposit
• Certified Payrolls
• Custom Time Sheets & Reporting
• Manage Tips/Tip Credits
• Per Diem
• Vacation/Sick Time Tracking
• Piece Pay
• Loans
• Uniform Deductions
• Garnishment Administration