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The services of HR1 save me time and money.  I’ve never had a negative experience with HR1.  I contact my HR1 representative and tell him—here’s what I’m looking for:  the…

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Job Descriptions

A well written job description is a blueprint for the success of your organization.  Job descriptions can help you hire, measure and manage your workforce.  If your job descriptions are missing or outdated, you run the risk of decreased productivity and morale and perhaps even legal trouble in the future.

It is becoming increasingly important that your HR department uses standardized Job Descriptions. HR1 has a large database of typical job descriptions for common positions within any organization. You can easily use the description “as is” or modify it to match your needs.

HR1 can also custom create job descriptions for you based on the functional area and industry.  Contact HR1 today to find out more about our job description services.