Dr. Gray Sass

Family Eye Care

Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the…

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Take Control

Whether your company needs a solid solution to a single human resource issue or a Health Care plan or guidance in a safety program or a complete turn-key answer, HR1 has the solution that will work for you.

Whether you have an HR specialist on staff or not, partnering with HR1 can save you money in insurance costs and reduce your risk of employment litigation.  Outsourcing your HR functions allow you to focus on your core competencies and provides administrative relief from any employer-related responsibilities, so you can concentrate on developing strategies that provide you a competitive advantage.

Let us show you how to move your business in the right direction.  By utilizing economies of scale, you save money on benefits, employment cost, and compliance expenses.  Find your way back to the reasons you went into business in the first place.