Dr. Gulshan Harjee

First Medical Care

Before HR1 we did our payroll in-house and it just got too complicated for us.  We needed professional and accurate assistance and we found it with HR1.  Doing it ourselves was just not an…

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How HR1 works for your company

We are at work for you

HR1 connects your business to the resources you need.  By outsourcing your human resources functions with HR1 you can focus on your company‚Äôs core competencies.  With HR1 outsourcing you have time to concentrate on business without the daily distractions of human resource issues. 

HR1 is a complete off-site human resource department (HRO) and we offer you a full range of integrated human resources, risk management and benefit services. This enables companies to re-focus on their core business in order to enhance profitability, reallocate resources and thrive in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.

According to a small employer survey by Harris Interactive and Principal Financial Group, 61% of employees said a good benefit plan would help keep them at their current employer.

HR1 exists to help you with a very critical aspect of your business, your people.  We will help you manage your employees and provide you with resources, information and tools to assist you.  Our goal is to help our clients become more successful by providing them solutions to their largest challenges.