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Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the…

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Outsourcing Your Human Resources

Survive & Thrive In This Tough Economy

In the current business landscape the only way to succeed is to relentlessly focus on your business goals.

Day-to-day human relations challenges constantly pull you away from your business and these functions don’t generate revenue. They cost you time and time is money. When you ignore your employees’ human resource needs, they’re unhappy and unproductive. It’s a cycle that can be broken.

The one solution to all your problems? Outsourcing your human resources with HR1.

HR1 allows you to focus on your core business while our experts completely handle your company’s benefits, payroll and human resources. We represent a full range of integrated human resources, risk management and benefit services. Your employees have access to big company benefits and human resource management and you can get back to business. Best of all, outsourcing your human resources to HR1 can save you money.

See how HR1 can save you money and listen to success stories from companies just like yours.