Dr. Gray Sass

Family Eye Care

Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the…

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Medical Billing Services

Your path to a better practice.

Take back control of your practice. Today’s health care system continues to be reviewed and critiqued.  Each time insurance companies place more administrative burden on providers of care.  This increase in administration makes it continually more difficult to fulfill your mission:  patient care.

Insurance company and government changes only increase costs; while reimbursement decreases and becomes more difficult to collect.

HR1 has created MD1, a private health care organization dedicated to excellence with a focus on a full suite of solutions for your Medical Practice.

By using MD1 you will always know where your claims are, where your cash is and where to find the lost revenue.

We work for you so that you can take control of your practice back.  WE allow you to devote your time and energy to your patients and we handle all your business needs.