Janiece McNichols  

Centura Health

HR1 has a huge database of people and they keep up with the industry too.  They speak the language of my specialized industry.  I don’t have to teach HR1 all about my business before they…

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Success Stories

Dr. Mark Dickinson

Wildwood Eye Care

The services of HR1 are more efficient to use at less cost to our practice.  We just couldn’t offer these services if we tried to do it ourselves.  We save a substantial amount in insurance - on our own we could not get these kinds of rates for our employees - but HR1 can get them because they are dealing in much larger numbers of people.

We have 12 employees and we’ve been using the services of HR1 for over eight years.  We use payroll, insurance, 401 k services - all the human resources aspects offered by HR1.  We also utilize HR1 for reimbursement for childcare expenses.  Using HR1 for our payroll services is also a big savings - in both time and money.  We have recommended HR1 to three other eye clinics and every one of them have signed up with the company. 

We’ve even had HR1 professionals handle our employee performance reviews.  Before HR1, we had a very rudimentary employee handbook.  HR1 came in and improved and refined it.  Now HR1 manages, updates and changes the employee handbook for us whenever we need it.  Many people don’t realize how important your employee handbook can be to the everyday operation of your business.   

We tried another company like HR1 in the past, but they only offered payroll services and we discovered that HR1 has so much more to offer.  Found HR1 to be more efficient to use at less cost to our practice.


David Faith

Harris County Hospital District

I use the services of HR1 for recruitment and placement of financial analysts on three different levels of expertise.  Their knowledge, experience and contacts within the industry give HR1 the advantage in locating qualified candidates quickly.

HR1 is invaluable because the best analysts in the industry don’t go out looking for new jobs, they don’t have to.  It is a unique field and the people at HR1 are in contact with the best people across the industry.  They are able to talk with the best candidates, spread the word and create a pool of highly qualified applicants for us to consider. 

HR1 has a real commitment to health care.  They are very experienced and knowledgeable about my particular area.  They understand the software systems and the procedures that we use on a daily basis and that saves us a great deal of time. 

I feel that without the services of HR1 we would be speaking with candidates of lesser quality and that would impact our workforce.  We considered other companies, but chose HR1 because of their knowledge of our business.

I work for the 4th largest county hospital in the country.  We have three facilities with over 1,000 beds and 7,500 employees.


Andy Ferguson

Ascension Health

The services of HR1 save me time and money.  I’ve never had a negative experience with HR1.  I contact my HR1 representative and tell him—here’s what I’m looking for:  the background, the experience and the critical success factors that I seek in every candidate.  They go to work and seek out applicants.  They pre-screen so that I only see the most qualified people.  I know the candidates HR1 brings to me are the best.

I find my relationship with HR1 to be very easy going, almost more of a personal relationship and less business.  They’re never pushy, they’d never encourage me to consider a candidate that wasn’t a good fit. The types of positions I recruit for can be anywhere from entry level to very specialized.  HR1 does the pre-screening of applicants for me.  They meet my needs exactly.  I can count on HR1 to always understand just what I am looking for in an applicant.

Ascension Health is the nation’s largest Catholic-sponsored nonprofit health system with more than 100,000 associates and health facilities in 20 states. As the Director of Financial Information, I use HR1 to recruit, locate and place permanent employees skilled in the area of health care finance.





Dr. Gulshan Harjee

First Medical Care

Before HR1 we did our payroll in-house and it just got too complicated for us.  We needed professional and accurate assistance and we found it with HR1.  Doing it ourselves was just not an efficient use of our resources.  It took time away from patient care.  HR1 is very organized and extremely good at what they do.  We use payroll services, 401K, all the different benefits packages, workers comp, health care, and HR1 maintains our employee handbook.

I would encourage any business like ours to definitely consider using HR1.  Getting these things done by competent professionals like HR1 is a lifesaver.  HR1 allows us to use our resources more efficiently, they handle all our important details with great accuracy and they really know their business.

We are a typical small business with 15 employees; we have Lab, X Ray, EKG and Primary Care physician services.  We’ve used the services of HR1 for about 10 years and as our business has grown we’ve taken advantage of more of the services they have to offer.


Janiece McNichols  

Centura Health

HR1 has a huge database of people and they keep up with the industry too.  They speak the language of my specialized industry.  I don’t have to teach HR1 all about my business before they can get to work helping me find a qualified candidate. 

HR1 placed me in my first managerial role.  I have used HR1 many times over the years because I was so impressed with how professionally they had treated me and supported me when I was a candidate.  The tips, tools and support they gave me as a candidate made my decision to move across the country and take a new job much easier.  I knew if they did that for me – they would be providing that same high level of service for people just like me - people that I was seeking to hire. 

I feel like HR1 saves me money in the long run.  I am seeking candidates in highly specialized areas and HR1 has the knowledge and expertise to send me only the most qualified individuals.  I know that a candidate from HR1 will always be knowledgeable about the work that we do and exactly the kind of skills we need.  HR1 always brings me the top qualified candidates in the field. 

Centura Health is Colorado’s largest family of hospitals and health care services and one of the state’s largest private employers, operating 12 hospitals, seven senior living communities and home care and hospice services.


Dr. Greg Payne

Alpharetta Eye Care

Working with HR1 is very easy, they’re always on top of everything.  Honestly, the best part is that I don’t have to worry about anything.  It’s a turnkey operation.  I send them the info and they handle the rest.  I send them a simple spreadsheet with employee hours and everything just…happens – from paychecks and W-2’s to 1099’s and end of the year reports too, they take care of it all.  I don’t even think about it – it just gets done.

When it comes to human resource issues they’re great.  They create and maintain our employee handbooks.  The work they do is always accurate and up to the minute.  If we need to make changes in policies or procedures, they always turn it around very quickly. 

They’re always available and quick to respond to our needs.  Working with HR1 is a great benefit for our employees.  Bringing on a new employee and enrolling them in the program is a snap.  Everything runs smoothly and we’re able to offer our employees a wider selection of options and benefits then if we tried to do it all ourselves.

We have two eye care offices in suburban Atlanta. We’ve used HR1’s services since 2003.  We use payroll services, 401K services, health benefits and employee handbook services.


Dr. Gray Sass

Family Eye Care

Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the personal touch that we get when dealing with our HR1 representatives.  We get very individualized service and we’re always treated like a valued client. 

I really appreciate that the services offered by HR1 can be customized to meet our needs.  With HR1 it’s not a one size fits all solution.  I feel so strongly about our relationship with HR1 that I recommend them to other companies all the time. 

We’re a 20-year customer of HR1.  They handle all the human resource needs - – benefits, payroll, 401K, health & life insurance – for our Eye Care Group.