Dr. Gray Sass

Family Eye Care

Using HR1 is just light-years better than handling the process ourselves.  We can offer “big company” benefits to our employees, even though we’re not a big company.  I really like the…

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Professional Recruitment

HR 1’s staffing company - The Hart Group, Ltd. -  is the leading provider of specialized, professional recruitment and contract professionals.  We help our clients achieve greater organizational performance by attracting, selecting, engaging and developing the best and brightest people for their businesses. 

From single placements to total outsourced solutions, we translate human capital strategies into practical actions and measurable results.  Beyond placing candidates into contract, consulting and direct roles, we help clients implement effective long-term recruiting and retention strategies.  Our underlying goal is to improve performance at every level, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of each individual’s expertise. 

Unlike most executive search firms and recruitment agencies, The Hart Group understands that each recruitment engagement is unique and has the depth and breadth to tailor a solution to each of our clients specific talent needs. 

Whether retaining us for an aggressive, high-level search’ tapping into our extensive, specialized candidate database on a contingent basis; or having us manage your recruitment needs through a scalable and flexible recruitment solution, our clients are assured that we will work tirelessly to the most qualified, best fit candidates for each and every position we fill.