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Employee Benefit Programs

Employee Benefit Programs

Customizable solutions for your health care and benefit needs.

We all look to many different sources to help us make an informed decision. Some sources are better than others. HR1 and its partners provide our members with the information they need to make a solid decision. After all, making that decision can help your workforce become healthier and more productive.

Plans Offered Include:

Health Disability Plans
– Group Plans Life Insurance
– Individual Plans Aflac Plans
– Stand Alone HSA Plans 
– Vision Plans

– Group Plans

Group Health Plans
– Attractive Rate Structure
– Wellness Programs, Prescription Card and Life Insurance Included with Medical Coverage
– Multiple Plan Options
– Dental Plan Options
– Short and Long Term Disability Options
– Lower Annual Increases
– COBRA and HIPAA Administration*
– HSA Plans

HR Administration
Safety/Government Compliance

Flexible Spending Account
– Increased Take Home Pay for Employees
– Childcare and Un-Reimbursed Medical Features
– Free Plan Administration
– Easy Enrollment
– IRS Approved

Employee Assistance Program
The EAP is a voluntary, confidential service providing professional counseling and referral services designed to help you with your personal, job or family problems. Some common concerns include:
– Emotional
– Alcohol/Substance Abuse
– Marital
– Job Related Problems
– Family
– Legal/Financial Referrals
– Grief/Loss

COBRA Administration
COBRA administration can be a very complex business. Non-compliance can result in stiff penalties, legal fees and productivity losses. HR1 is here to help with COBRA Administration.

Whether you are a large corporation with multiple COBRA administrators, a small company with concerns about compliance or a provider of benefits services with a need to offer COBRA administration services to your clients, HR1 is ready to help.