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The services of HR1 are more efficient to use at less cost to our practice.  We just couldn’t offer these services if we tried to do it ourselves.  We save a substantial amount in insurance…

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Employee Handbooks

The Employee Handbook is a critical part of protecting your business. Having an effective Handbook in place can help you keep your business out of court, improve overall operations, motivate employee performance, and establish clear communication.

HR1 Choice options allow you to download the HR1 customizable template with instructions on how to create your handbook, distribute to employees, and maintain it for the long-term. 

HR1 will review your Handbook and to ensure it is sufficient for your state.  We’ll also assist you in developing a plan to communicate and distribute your Handbook to employees.  HR1 will also show why it is important to periodically review your Handbook to be sure it is kept current and compliant. 

Contact HR1 to start working on your employee Handbook today.